Farmer Pappas

Head of one of the three feuding farming families.


Farmer Pappas is a hard, worn man who has worked the fields of western lords for most of his life. When he had a chance to head east he took it, and dragged his whole clan with him, with the exception of the daughters he had married away. The Pappas clan prides itself on being the hardest workers in the region, and their crops come harvest time usually tell the tale, although the most recent harvest was less than expected, due to circumstances outside their control. Disease has his their crops especially hard, and made it difficult to turn a profit or even to keep his clan fed, relying at times on prior profits to keep anyone from going hungry. Farmer Pappas tends to blame his misfortune on either the spirits or Farmer Greenley, who he is greatly suspicious of, and thinks will stop at nothing to get Pappas to leave, which only makes him dig his heels in harder.


Farmer Pappas

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