The Town of Ahvindadh

Customs of the region
Geological features near town

Population 670, mixed human and dwarf and gnome. The town is encircled by a crumbling stone wall. The most prominent tavern in the village is The Hunter and Chain.

The town (more of a village, really) is a small settlement on the fringes of the frontier. It covers the bare essentials with goods imported from neighboring towns by the shopkeepers, and there is a decent trading market here. Merchants love to trade for the local goods they can mainly get out on the frontier, like furs and gems harvested from game and from the ruins in the area.

To begin, the selection of arms and armor from the local blacksmith is rather limited, but the available goods will increase as the town gains fame. Things like masterwork swords and so forth are available by commission only.

There is an apothecary on site as well, which is used by the townsfolk for remedies and the like.

Part of the reason the wall is crumbling is because some of the houses are created from the stone.

The Town of Ahvindadh

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