Changes In The Land

2. The Wolves' Den
The adventurers, the wolves, and the green woman

When we last left our intrepid heroes…

The Nasher family came under attack by what our heroes can only determine were some wild beasts, acting oddly in concert, attacking far more coordinated than one would expect.

Eurig, tracking the wolves in the dead of night, became lost, and encountered the rest of the party the following morning wild eyed, as if he had seen a ghost, rambling incoherently about malevolent forest spirits.

The rest of the party traveled across a hazardous river on their way to the wolves’ den, and came into some peril, but escaped relatively unscathed, and encountered Eurig en route. The group had clashed over their best course of action. Eurig wanted to return to town and regroup, while the rest of the group, led by Ewan, wanted to continue on the trail that would lead them to the wolves’ den.

In the end, cooler heads prevailed, and after a short rest, Eurig was able to collect himself and continued on with the party to the wolves’ den. After a couple of skirmishes with the wolves, Eurig and Henrik both fell in combat, so the group elected to find a safe spot to recover, then returned to town to fully heal.

While in town, the party met with the clergy, as well as the ranger, Caden, and the Apothecary, Siobhan. Siobhan gave them a couple of healing potions to aid them in their plight, while asking for a favor in return, and Caden, told them of some of the legends that surrounded the Green Woman that Eurig saw, noting that her seeming malevolence was at odds with the stories he had heard.

The next morning the group set out to a thick fog, and in good time made their way back to the wolves’ den. Picking their way through the cave, they noticed that the wolves they had killed the prior day had been dragged deeper into the lair. There, they encountered an additional four wolves led by the alpha of their pack, and evil Warg, who spoke in common, goading the pack to attack the group.

The Warg fell almost as quickly as battle began, however, as Eurig eviscerated it in spectacular fashion, jumping atop the beast and stabbing it repeatedly before sliding down its side and stabbing it through the jaw into its brain. The rest of the wolves continued to fight to the death, but they were ultimately no match for the party’s collective efforts.

After the battle was won, they began setting about skinning the animals to bring the pelts to town as trophies and as commodities for trading. The warg, however, had disintegrated into a pool of vile black ooze, and its body could not be recovered. The wolf skinning process was long and arduous, and when complete it was already late at night, so the group decided to camp for the night in the safety of the cave.

During the third watch, while Lydia was keeping a lookout for anything lurking in the dark, she noticed a distant figure a few hundred feet away watching her. She quickly realized this was the mysterious Green Woman that Eurig had warned them of, and the Green Woman accused her of slaughtering and mutilating her children. Lydia woke the others and told them they should run, but Ewan decided that if the Green Woman really wanted to kill them, they would be dead already, and that her frightening messages were truly just a way to try and communicate, as he could not reasonably believe that a neutral creature of the forest would truly treat something so evil as a Warg as her child. With that, he returned to his sleep-like trance and waited until morning.

The next morning as the group hefted their packs and returned towards the town, they began to pass the now familiar fields of the Nasher farm’s crops. Only now the crops looked wilted, as though they had not had nutrients for weeks…

1. The Story Begins...
The Nashers, and the beginning of a great adventure...

Our story begins with the humble farmhouse of the Nasher family. As they sit down for dinner one fateful night, an unearthly howl rocks the house. More howls and pounding on the doors and walls follow, and no sooner do the farmers have time to equip themselves or hide than the doors burst open, spewing forth wolves, and wargs, and werewolves with murderous intent. Hank Nasher is eaten alive, while his family is helpless to stop it, and while they all flee, the young son of the family, Brett, is the only one to make it to town…

…and into the tavern in Ahvindadh, where our heroes have just come into town from the biweekly caravan. The boy spouts gibberish about an attack but is too exhausted to give details. Meanwhile, the group is enlisted by the ranger and sheriff of the town, Caden, to find out what has happened. He sends his deputy, Keegan, along with them as a guide.

The scene they find is grisly, indeed. Through some investigation, they are able to find tracks leading back into the forest, but while the rest of the group recommends returning in the morning, Eurig is determined to see if he can find any additional clues deeper in the forest and makes his way in…where he promptly gets lost.

The rest of the group sets out in the morning, still not having heard from Eurig, and makes their way into the forest. Their first major obstacle is a river with an old rope bridge helping with their crossing. As Henrik makes his way across, however, the bridge breaks, and the group tries valiantly to get him safely across, a task that nearly fails.

Once they are safely across and ready to continue their trek, they run into Eurig, who is wild eyed and scared out of his wits. He says that he was lost in the woods all night, and that he saw a woman in green, who spoke to him inside his mind and told him in no uncertain terms that he was unwelcome here. The wind did not move her, and she did not move her mouth to speak, and she walked into a tree and disappeared. Then all the creatures of the night began to give chase, and he ran for all he was worth, which is when he ran into the rest of the group.

We left our heroes at this impasse, with Eurig determined to keep his party (as well as himself) out of harm’s way, while Ewan remained convinced that Eurig was simply seeing things…


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