Customs of the region

Views the townsfolk hold on the various races in the world, who arrive to be adventurers:

Tieflings: looked upon with suspicion, like they are borne from demons and likely burned at the stake when found and captured by a mob.

Gnomes: Rock gnomes are more like city gnomes and are more integrated into society, while Forest gnomes are are elusive and mysterious, and looked upon with suspicion for the same reasons for the elves.

Half-Elf: Reviled by some as unnatural half breeds, loved by others for their grace and beauty, half-elves never know what to expect of the humans. As a result, half-elves tend to be very guarded, but this guarded personality is often seen as aloofness.

Half-Orc: Viewed as feral beasts and met with open hostility. A Half-Orc will have a lot to prove to keep from being greeted with a spear or a club.

Halfling: Halflings are typically viewed the world over as court jesters, fools, and are generally not taken seriously. Halflings will likely not have to contest with suspicion, but rather with being taken at face value.

Dwarves: Dwarves are rather renowned for their crafting. Some might not like them but the dwarves usually have little to prove.

Elves: common enough to be accepted but the individual could very well be bigoted. Elves in particular in this region, noting the conflict are likely regarded with a good deal more suspicion and have more to prove. This is largely due to the fact that Elves are considered friends of nature and at present nature isn’t too happy with the settlers.

A note on women and adventuring: Women are able to adventure as effectively as men, but tend to have more to prove and will likely have to demand respect to get ahead. Once a reputation has been built that’s another story, but to the uninitiated female adventurers are an oddity.

Because the town is 90% human, non-humans tend to stick together. This results in what could be viewed from the outside as segregation, but it’s self imposed.

Customs of the region

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