Geological features near town

To the North: The Great Forest, an unknown expanse of woodlands that few dare to tread. It is said there are forest spirits, spiders the size of houses, wolves that stand on two legs and speak in tongues, ancient civilizations, native people, and more.

To the East: A large mountain range. Few have dared to ascend its peaks, and none have returned to tell the tale. Folk say that great Dragons and Griffins hold sway here, leading armies of barbarians to swarm over their enemies. When asked about this, they assume their enemies must lie off to the east, on the other side of the mountains…

To the South: Prairie lands, and further south leads to the Fomorian Highlands. The prairie lands would make for good farmland, but it is said there are goblins that live here and wait in the tall grasses for unsuspecting folk, then slit their throats and eat their flesh.

To the West: Civilization. Safe, boring, civilization. Most folk here have left civilization for reasons as myriad as your own.

Geological features near town

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